Become a smart citizen journalist! Share stories about your community.

You know our doors are always open for you to come in and participate. But we also understand that it may not be always possible for you to come all the way to our studios. So we are always looking for ways & means to make it easy for you to participate. Here are ways in which you can still be part of our radio station. After all, Bol Hyderabad is all about your programmes. You are just a few clicks away from sharing your audio stories.



smart voice recorderHave an Android smart phone?  You can now become a citizen journalist or even share other interesting programmes with us. They could be issues pertaining to your locality or even something interesting you noticed and want to share it with the community & the world in general!

Just go to Google Play on your android phone & download the Smart Voice Recorder. Once you have downloaded the app, it’s a breeze to record your audio. You can easily record up to 10-15 mins of audio (depending on how much disk space you have on your mobile).

Just record your programme in mp3 format and save it on your mobile/external disk.


Now, download either this app or this one to edit your content. Don’t worry, these apps are very easy to use.

Once you’ve edited the programme, export it as an mp3 file.

Next, locate your edited programme (mp3) and email the file to:  You can also save it to Google Drive on your mobile and share the link with us through email.

Simple, isn’t it?

For more recorder apps, click here.

Here’s a video tutorial on using the Smart Recording app:

 (Video Courtesy: Glovantech on Youtube)

> Tips on recording audio on your mobile (pdf)

Once you are done with your programme, just click the next tab to upload your audio.

If you know of any other means, do let us know, we’d be happy to include those options as well.

Just call us on +91 40 23135542 or email us:

Thank you!

Have an iPhone or iPad? Here’s the solution.

Just download this app on your phone/pad and start recording. There are other apps you may wish to explore. Remember to check out their popularity and download the app.


Once you’ve recorded your programme, download this app or this one on your phone/pad and use it to edit your programme. Don’t worry, they’re very easy to use. After editing your programme, save it as an mp3 file on your phone/pad or the external card you may have been using.

Next, locate your edited programme and just email it to us:

Isn’t it simple?  What are you waiting for? Mail us your programme!



yourlisten.logo 8-10We like it when our community members attempt a recording. But often they search for a way of sharing it with us so we can broadcast it.

Now here’s yet another easy way of doing it.

Just go to Yourlisten, open an account and upload your audio. Watch this video to see how to upload your audio.

In the settings, just make sure we are able to download it.  Once you’ve uploaded the audio, just send us the link. We’ll download it here and process it for broadcast. Email the link to:  

Easy, isn’t it?

Why don’t you try it right away!

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