Bol Hyderabad has its own Constitution & Bylaws that guide its functioning. It lays out the way it is governed within the university framework.

We, the members of University of Hyderabad, a Central University established by an Act of Parliament do establish and maintain this radio station as a campus organization and adopt this constitution.

Article 1: Name
The official name of this organization shall be ”BOL HYDERABAD, 90.4 FM“ referred to hereafter as ‘Bol’  or  ‘campus radio station (CRS)’.

Article 2: Purpose
Bol Hyderabad has three primary purposes:
To provide quality on-air programming for University of Hyderabad and its coverage area
To involve the community it seeks to serve through activities, programs, special events, and community service.
To provide training and experience to its community members so they can involve themselves in programme production.

Article 3: Structure
Bol will be a campus community radio station operated in compliance with the Government of India Community Radio Policy and the regulations of the University of Hyderabad. Bol shall establish and maintain a cooperative relationship with the University Administration, students, surrounding community, and broadcasting industry. It shall broadcast through the best means legally and financially available at the time only on FM band at 90.4 MHz. This can, and would include the Internet too. Funding for Bol shall be obtained through any acceptable legal means available to campus community radio stations.

Article 4: Governance
4.1 Custodian
The Department of Communication, Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication, University of Hyderabad shall be the custodian of Bol, which is University property and shall be guided by a Radio Advisory Council (RAC). The Department shall maintain an inventory of equipment at the radio station and will co-ordinate the functioning of the radio station. The RAC and all participating members in the programming, production and broadcast of programmes shall uphold this constitution and execute all provisions set forth by it. The Department of Communication shall do what is necessary to ensure smooth functioning of the radio station including hiring the necessary staff as per University regulations. It will also be responsible and accountable for maintaining proper operations, maintenance, and conduct of Bol broadcasts.

4.2 Composition of RAC
The Radio Advisory Council (RAC) shall have the Vice-chancellor or his nominee as the Chairperson. The RAC shall be convened to meet, at least once in a semester by the Faculty In-charge, selected from among the faculty members of the Department of Communication.  The Head of the Department of Communication will be a member of the RAC.  It shall also have the Station Co-ordinator, who is in-charge of the day-do-day affairs of the station, as a Special Invitee on its board. Besides these, the RAC shall have as members from among the communities that it serves and faculty members of the University. The RAC may, from time to time, co-opt members of the student community to assist it in running the affairs of the radio station.

The objectives and purposes of the RAC include:

  • To assist in the development of Bol’s strategic plan and to provide guidance for its implementation;
  • To review existing services for the purpose of improving the same and to provide guidance for the development of new services;
  • To be an advocate for Bol throughout its geographic coverage area; and
  • To develop additional sources of funding for Bol’s operation and to provide guidance with respect to expenditure of funds held for the benefit of Bol Hyderabad.

 4.3 Bylaws
The RAC has the power to make all rules and regulations including the ones not specifically outlined in this Constitution, and shall create and update a set of Bylaws that reflects the rules mentioned, in and only if in accordance with the Constitution. Bylaws shall be used to govern the programming, production, broadcast, moderation of programmes and staff members and programming and production participants, as the RAC deems necessary for its appointed term of governance. Bylaws may be implemented, repealed or altered by a 2/3-quorum vote of the Council. Bylaws may be reviewed with each newly nominated RAC.

Article 5: Staff
5.1 Faculty in-charge
The Head of the Department of Communication shall nominate a Faculty In-charge of the Radio Station.  The Faculty In-charge will be responsible for the overall functioning of the radio station as per the policies laid down by the Government of India and the University. She shall also be responsible for drawing up annual budget estimates for the maintenance, upkeep & upgradation of the radio station from time to time. As the Convenor of the RAC, she shall also be responsible of presenting the annual report to the RAC.

5.2 Station Co-ordinator
The University shall appoint a Radio Station Co-ordinator who will be responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the CRS. :
a) Supervision and involvement in ideation & production of quality programmes and promos of the station
b) Co-ordination of talent inputs for production of programmes and assign to those involved in production of programmes
c) Maintaining archives of the programmes for a mandatory period of three months as required by law
d) Ensure that the content on the radio station is within the framework of the guidelines issued for community radios.
e) Co-ordinate maintanence and upkeep of the radio studio and equipment on a regular basis.
f)  Prepare annual performance reports to be submitted to the University Radio Advisory Council

5.3 Production Staff
Programmes shall essentially produced by the students of the Department of Communication. However, Bol Hyderabad will strive to train as many members of the community as possible in production of programmes for broadcast.

Article 6: Committees
6.1 Committees may be established with duties outlined by the RAC, as deemed necessary by it. Only a regular member of the RAC may be appointed to chair a committee and is empowered to call regular and special committee meetings and document the proceedings to report to the RAC. The Committees may generally be convened to look into any grievances, programming content, promotion of the radio station, technology inputs/ upgradation etc.

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