About Us

Bol Hyderabad 90.4 fm is a campus-based community radio station located in University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli. Stationed in a university with a proud history, Bol Hyderabad is a pioneer in all genre programming among most FM radios. Besides catering to the university community, the 90.4 fm station broadcasts all year round in English, Hindi, Telugu & Urdu to cater to the communities in its surrounding areas (in a 15 km radius of Gachibowli). Bol Hyderabad's community is extremely diverse, encompassing university students, civil servants, educationists, IT professionals, scholars and other residents.

Our core values include:

Access & Participation: Bol Hyderabad provides a platform for all young people to participate in its programs.
Independence: It acts autonomously in the production of content, still guided by Community Radio Guidelines.
Diversity: Bol Hyderabad encourages and supports a range of youth perspectives, cultures and ideas.
Innovation: It is creative and adaptable in its media output and operations.

Bol Hyderabad’s Mission:
Bol Hyderabad shall be non-discriminatory, democratic and independent. It will produce a wide variety of programmes on information and entertainment, in at least four languages. The station will also remain sensitive to the impact of its programming within the university community as a whole, as well as the communities residing around it. Bol Hyderabad will strive to achieve the above through the following goals:

• To present its target audience with a high quality, professional radio service.
• To support the development of music and musicians from within this community and other areas of Hyderabad.
• To provide an impartial, fair and immediate local coverage.
• To contribute to the development of a culture of critical and constructive debate and, in this context, to ensure that all sectors of this community get a fair opportunity to state their views and concerns on air.
• To provide a forum within which these different sectors can interact in a way that helps to develop a culture of mutual respect.
• To raise funds to ensure the continued successful running of the radio station.
• To create and maintain effective and democratic staffing structures designed to accomplish the above goals.

Radio Advisory Council:
Towards this end, Bol Hyderabad is guided by a Radio Advisory Council (RAC). In keeping with the spirt of the radio station, the RAC has members from among the university community and also those residing around it. It  involves schools, institutions of higher learning & representatives of the communities.

The Department of Communication, Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication is the custodian of the radio station for all practical purposes. Bol Hyderabad has a Station Co-ordinator who takes care of the day-to-fucntioning of the radio station in terms of programming, production, scheduling, promomotion. A Faculty In-charge from the Department of Communication oversees the functioning of the radio station. Every programming staff is accountable to the university & the community that the radio station caters to.

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